Software Support

AnimalShelternet offers a wide range of optional annual support packages. Our VIP package is designed to suite organizations with demanding requirements. On a strict budget? Our economy package offers the basic services critical to your operation at a very low cost. We even offer "Pay-per-Question" in order to make support available to those with no resources at all.

Our mission is to be the best shelter operation / animal care and control software on the planet. We strive to meet your needs through prompt, expert, professional support and ongoing improvements driven by your input.

Great things are beginning to happen in the animal care community. Plug in to the tools that help you make them happen.

Software Assurance

Insure you always have the latest version of your software. Take advantage of continued enhancements useful to the profession.
  • Keeps your AnimalShelterNet software current.
  • Access to major version upgrades for AnimalShelterNet software, Blue Dragon Application Server, and MySQL database server component software.
  • Access to software bug fixes, updates, and major version upgrades as released.
  • Software Assurance must be maintained uninterrupted from date of purchase to continue to receive updates. Customers who have allowed Software Assurance to expire may either purchase new licenses, or reinstate Software Assurance from the date of lapse. A reinstatement penalty may be charged after more than 30 days.
  • Customers without Software Assurance are not entitled to software upgrades or updates. Bug fixes for the customers existing version will still be available until that version is no longer supported.
  • In order to purchase Software Assurance a current annual support package is required.

The support package comparison is in an Adobe Portable Document Format, or a PDF file. If you are unable to view this format, click the link below and you will be directed to the download for Free Adobe Reader® software.