General Benefits

AnimalShelterNet's Software is built using a browser-based design for an easier more intuitive interface for todays computer users, as well as with a consideration for the budget constraints most animal shelters experience. The system is built to be accessible to everyone and useable by all; because software should not only do the job, it should also be a pleasure to use.

  • A completely integrated and comprehensive system for managing an animal shelter, an animal clinic, and an animal control facility.

  • No installation is required on client stations and any computer that can run Internet Explorer 6.0+ can access it.

  • The system includes a built in user-definable report generator and supports user accessible database servers (via ODBC).

  • It can take pictures right in the browser window using the lowest cost webcams available or upload pictures from other devices.

  • Multiple sites, remote access, and touch screen kiosks are easy over the Internet.

  • It works with your existing network and cabling and can be hosted on Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server, XP Pro and Linux.
The benefits which can be achieved from optimal utilization of AnimalShelterNet are wide-ranging. The built in networking features enable collaboration and cooperation between different agencies and organizations. Multiple sites, mobile clinics, off-site adoptions, statistical research, and disaster relief are examples of applications.

Increase the Visibility of the Animals

Aggressively market your animals by creating public access to stray & adoptable animals from your website, as well as automatically update your adoptable animals on This is an integral component of the Animal Routing System and is automatically updated in Real-Time by the system, no uploads are necessary! Pictures of the animals can be taken right in the browser's window during intake procedures with an inexpensive webcam or uploaded later from other devices. Pictures are saved with an animals record and print automatically on kennel cards, posters, and receipts.

Streamline Operations

The Animal Routing System and Role-Based Design are configurable. This allows organizations to customize the system to meet their needs. Operations can be controlled to create an environment where policies can be followed, audited, and enforced. People, animals, and employees can be tracked for adherence to established procedures. Every transaction ever associated with a person, animal, or employee is saved in history. This includes interviews, citations, licenses, clinic visits, medical treatments, as well as reproducible contracts and invoices. AnimalShelterNet allows an organization to identify and implement measurable quality objectives.

Utilize New Resources

Remote Access to the system and specialized e-mail for Rescue and Foster Coordinators is built in. The system also supports optional features such as Bar-Coding (for collars and kennel cards) and Touch Screen Kiosks.

Track Performance

Goals can be set and performance measured. Data can be monitored to test the impact of policies, programs and initiatives. Statistical analysis and historical tracking of all data and transactions entered into the system is made possible by the built-in user-definable report generator. Activity reports can be generated to capture, track, and analyze every transaction processed by the system. For example: adoptions, redemptions, rescues, fosters, interviews, medical details, clinic visits, reasons for surrender, reasons for euthanasia, transactions per employee, transactions by species and breed, licenses sold, licenses expiring, ACO activity reports, reports specific to certain locations, jurisdictions, or municpalities, as well as other reports that can be defined by the user. Complex configurations can be saved by the user for one-click reports.